Friday, April 29, 2011

friday blast from the past–vintage aerobics

Well, a little hard getting back to the Friday Blast from the Past post as I am struck by Royal Wedding fever.  I am still giggling over the eyeful I got with the second Royal Smooch. Smile  Did I see the Duke blush?  Very nice and I send them my very best wishes and heartfelt prayers.  I loved everything the bishop said about marriage.  So very true.  What a wonderful day it is.


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But ahem, anyway, we have a BFTP outfit to explore!  Onward and upward!

This week’s outfit is inspired by Jane Fonda’s Workout Video (1982).  I am actually doing this workout right now.  I am a diehard Sparkperson and have learned to keep my exercise routine varied to stay challenged and inspired.  Lucky for us with the Internet we have so many choices today and we don’t even have to leave our living rooms or join a gym! 

Just a comment about this video from a vintage point of view,  the early 80’s was a time of very energetic exercise.  I consider myself Intermediate-Advanced, but I could hardly keep up with the jet speed of this one. (I am enjoying trying though! ) Think about it – this last era has been an era of yoga, a very calm and slower paced fitness trend. I really like the lines and body shape this exercise routine creates though.  It’s also interesting that every fashion era has its body shape ideal.  Check out part 1 -


And here’s our outfit:


80’s striped puffy sleeve u back leotard $26 Etsy

My friends, if only shiny flesh toned tights were as easy to find these days as dodgy pictures of young women in them, rest assured, I’d  certainly have chosen another photo – that being said I apologize in advance for the following one – oh dear – especially on this very special day -


Leo’s shiny glossy tights $9.50 Stocking Showcase

This belt is really the bomb though, and makes up for that photo, I think – because these are very hard to find -


Vintage 80’s elastic cinch waist belt $3.99 eBay


Stirrup legwarmers $14.62 eBay


Jane’s gone barefoot in this video, because this is 1982, before aerobics got hard core - but if I were to wear shoes with this outfit, I’d choose these:


Vintage Black Reeboks $38 Etsy


Now go try the workout -  it was part 4 and the abdominal exercises that really rocked my world.  My stomach was so sore yesterday it actually hurt to eat.  I am still sore 2 days later. 


And hey, if you are a huge vintage 80’s aerobics and jazzercise fan, then you may enjoy this post, too.