Thursday, August 5, 2010

vintage 80’s aerobics at etsy

Vintage 80s Animal Print Cropped Exercise Aerobic Top Size S/M
Vintage 80’s Exercise Top USD 14.00

Vintage 80s LEMON Reebok Aerobic Tennis Shoes Size 7.5
Vintage 80’s Lemon Reeboks USD 32.00

80s Vintage 1980s Jazzercise Leotard Sz M Black Neon POP Art Chic Jane Fonda Glam
Vintage 80’s Leotard USD 19.99

VINTAGE 80s aerobics suit
VIntage 80’s Exercise Leotard USD 26.00

Vintage 1980s Danskin Tights Imperial Purple Shimmery Stirrup Leggings Dance Aerobic
Vintage 80’s Purple Shimmery Stirrup Tights USD 14.00

1979 Audio Aerobics LP.
1979 Audio Aerobics LP USD 18.00 

Vintage Metalllic GOLD LA Gear Aerobic Tennis Shoes 8
Vintage LA Gear Trainers USD 17.00

whoa ugly neon jazz suit with BOW .medium
Vintage Jazzercise Leotard USD 14.00

80’s Vintage Leg Warmers USD 5.00

and this was it – this was the bomb for aerobics in the 80’s – look no further -
Black Shiny Suspender 80s Vintage 1980s Jazzercise Leotard Sz S
80’s Suspender Leotard USD 34.99
Wear a white t-shirt underneath with the sleeves rolled up to be authentic. 

Like this one here on James Dean  - it's a 50’s white t- shirt 80's folks were paying homage to – it gets complicated - but the 50's and the 80's- well, I think they were kind of like cousins -

James Dean ca. 1955  (speaking of this white t-shirt )

Lan2  44
and don’t forget the big hair. :)