Tuesday, April 26, 2011

outfit of the week–graceful khakis

800px-High_Society1princess grace in khakis

This is one of my very favorite casual outfits in film ever.  And while I am inclined to be grateful to Grace Kelly I think my thanks are better owed to Helen Rose who designed the costumes for High Society (1956).  

Hard to see, but in the second picture there is a bright red orange scarf that earlier we see peeking out of the Princess’ pocket. It matches her sneaker-espadrilles which we can’t see in this pic.  Helen Rose knew how to accessorize. 

Do I sit around my house looking like this on casual Friday?  No.  Do I wish I did?  Yes, sometimes I do. 


Ralph Lauren Khaki linen blouse $16.99 eBay


Orvis pleated khakis $7.99 eBay


Paul Green Hana shoes $233 Zappos


LL Bean caramel leather belt $18 eBay


Tarnish “Bridles and Bits” square scarf $28 Nordstrom



Here is a younger, more modern take for you lil’ chitlins -


J Brand Houlihan zip cargos $250 Revolve Clothing

Maurie and Eve Fellini shirt $198 Revolve Clothing

Tumbled tan leather belt £25 Urban Outfitters

(scarf and shoes – see first outfit)


I’d actually forego the belt entirely here.  It’s fab enough without it. 


And here are some other options for your khaki pleasure:

Another pretty fab khaki shirt -


Lucky Brand khaki shirt $34.95 eBay

Flat fronts if baggies make your stomach look like Texas-

$(KGrHqIOKpEE1qzjMK)sBNqPG W-1g~~0_12

Pendleton flat front high waisted straight leg khakis $58 eBay

A pre-owned Robinson and Golluber scarf for a softer touch -


Pre-owned red orange scarf $5.99 eBay

And a very hip belt -


Leather Belt in Cognac $105 Revolve Clothing

You’ll find the outfit in this original trailer for the movie at about 0:30 and again at about 0:53.  Enjoy.  And get your khakis on.