Monday, September 6, 2010

great central outfit pieces for fall in leather

It is economical and fun to find a great statement making piece - in a style you truly love and that fits in with your daily life - that is versatile enough to make the center of your fall and winter wardrobe -  here are some ideas of such pieces in leather – a big trend for fall – and they don’t have to be expensive – just worthy of being the center -


Hoxie Leather Skirt   All Saints


erezCAES7S0Z.jpg 2

Leather Shorts   New Look  



Leather Pencil Skirt   Talbots



Netia Jacket   All Saints




Ruby Military Satchel    New Look




 Orton Knitted Leather Tunic   All Saints





Leather Lace Heel   New Look




Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Skirt   Saks Fifth Avenue

USD 498.00


A-Line Leather Skirt   Leather Icon

USD 199.00


Vintage 80’s Leather Skirt   LA Vintage

USD 46.00


Balmain Quilted Leather Skirt

€ 5.898,00  € 2.949,00



311727321_tp.jpg 2

Ellen Tracy Burgundy Leather Military Jacket    eBay

USD 422.99



Oria Leather Bomber Jacket   Boohoo




Vintage Grey Suede and leather Boots   Etsy

USD 44.00



Someone who is great at doing just that is Kate Moss.  It doesn’t matter if your style and tastes are different  you can still learn by watching her - the way she chooses and commits to a piece she loves and wears it all season.  It shows she is truly economical.  Not just monetarily, but it also saves time getting dressed if all your outfits can revolve around one great piece sort of like planets around the sun. 


picture credit

Remember these examples?

Kate could be seen everywhere in 2007 wearing the same over the knee boots

Ditto with this leopard coat -

And who could forget the year she almost never took off these -

Maybe there is something like this already in your wardrobe that you could begin to revolve your outfits around and simplify dressing this season.  Plus you will be sure to get your wear out of it.