Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Red Leather Jackets at Bonanzle

Before I show you these retro babies, let me tell you a little about Bonanzle if you are not familar with it.  Bonanzle is sort of an alternate marketplace to eBay on the Internet, and to Craigslist, but without a bidding framework and with some big differences.  People have virtual stalls where they sell their wares and all together create a a giant virtual fleamarket.  If you are registered you can even run around and visit other people's stalls and chat with them in their chat rooms, and have a virtual coffee so to speak. 

I have a stall at Bonanzle.  I have also purchased there.  I found it a lot easier than buying and selling on eBay (though I do still shop on eBay!).  I'd direct you there now to my stall but there is not much in it.  I use it mostly to sell items of clothing that are too big or too small.  For instance, recently I discovered that for years I have been wearing the wrong shoe size.  Yes, my shoes were 1/2 size too small.  No wonder my feet hurt!  After a few headaches with selling on ebay, one being my location in Europe, two being their restrictions, and three being eBay's allergic reaction with my browser,  I put up all my too small shoes to sell on Bonanzle and was able to relax and sell there.  So I have a personal interest in Bonanzle.  I like it.  I want it to thrive and grow.  My only complaint about it is that there are not enough international sellers on there yet.  I want to see people from all over the world selling on Bonanzle.  It's friendly, it's fun and it's not stressful.  I need more stress like I need another email address.  I invite you all to read up about what Bonanzle is here

I like to go poke around and see what's up for offer there from time to time and today I found these red leather 80's style jackets.  Whoa!   These are stylin' if you dare....and all prices are in USD.

First up this Michael Jackson feeling sweetie:

                   Vinatge 80's Wilsons Red Leather Biker Jacket S/M 185$ OBO


Oh yeah, I hear this talking to me, it's sayin' Billy Jean is Not My Lover...Granted this is not a cheap jacket but from the description it says it is in near mint condition.  Put it with this, remember it from the black pencil skirt post? OH YEAH BAYBEE!

                                 GoJane Button Trim Pencil Skirt 16.70USD

Now THAT is how you wear a black pencil skirt.  YOWSA, I FEEL IT!
Next up:

                WILSONS LEATHER RED Jacket Woman's Vintage 1980's MOD 47.49 USD OBO


It appears to have a stain on one of the lapels, and I found the seller's description a bit confusing, but it's not at all a  bad price and remember you can make an offer.
And last up:
                                Wilsons Thinsulate Leather Women's Jacket Large Red $14.50

Apparently all leather jackets in the 80's were made by Wilsons.  This one has a removable Thinsulate liner.  Cool.  And the price?  14.50USD?  Well try to beat that with a stick! 
There are a couple of more vintage jackets from the 80's on the site, this is just a sampling.   I'll let you check them out for yourself. 
I'll end with these vintage red leather boots from the 70's because when I went to post the ones I saw there yesterday from the 80's, they be gone, but these are still cool:
                  Vtg 70s CAPEZIO Suede RED Leather KNEE HIGH GO GO Boots $67.89 OBO
These are a US size 6.  That's like a UK 4.
If there are difficulties with Bonanzle I find it is in their searches.  Sometimes it is hard to find what you just found yesterday and fell in love with and it is not always clear whether that is because the item sold or what.  But on the whole they work hard there to iron out the kinks and they are helpful to their sellers and buyers.  There are tremendous mark downs there now.  Go check them out, and hey, open a stall!

PS  Bonanzle has since this post changed its name to Bonanza.  Read about it here.