Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now These Are Clothes, Aren't They?

There are things to wear and then there are clothes.  When I browse the site at Laura Ashley what I see are clothes.  These are clothes with a purpose. 

First take this circle shift dress which looks great on the model.  They show her wearing it with sneakers.  It's smashing.  This woman has some place to go

And then there is this height of womanly sophistication.  And you thought a jumpsuit was just for disco

and you're accessorizing it already, aren't you?

And I am thinking "Hey, I want to be invited to the Hollywood party where the hostess is cool enough to be wearing this."  Can you see Barbara Striesand in it in The Way We Were
Oh I totally can.

And wow!  I want to know where this lady, and I do mean lady,  has got to go!  She is not doing what I am doing today and that is fo sho. 


But she is dressed, isn't she?  Really dressed, and by that I don't mean dressed up.  I mean clothed with a purpose.  It's different.  I am not sure how comfortable she is, but that is part of the appeal, no?  Because if she were comfortable, like I am today, then she wouldn't be dressed; she'd just have clothes on me. 

But can you imagine if your Mom had come to pick you up at school in that?  You wouldn't have even bothered to ask her to stop for an ice cream.  Oh no, because she would have been too dressed for ice cream, and by floopy, she would have had a greater purpose than ice cream like getting home to make your Dad's dinner and then the pillars of your household would have stood strong.  

Even this Belted Playsuit is cute,
but it is not very much fun, is it?

I mean not like this one from Boohoo, right? 

Because this is fun.  It's not really clothes, but it's fun. 

Don't get me wrong, I am being funny, but I love these clothes from Laura Ashley.  I really do. And I also feel like these are great prices for clothing, real clothing.  And I also can't help but feel like I would be a better person if I dressed like this more often, in real clothing, and somehow the world would be a better place, and people would act more respectfully to one another. And such is the way that fashion can ignite one's imagination. 

PS  The Laura Ashley UK site delivers clothing and selected home furnishing ranges to Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.  Laura Ashley also has global sites in Mainland Spain, Japan, the USA and Australia