Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Aqua Ring / Accessories / Womens - Need Supply Co.

I love this ring available at Need Supply Co.. They also have it in other colors. It looks like two little eyes peeping out to me. It very much reflects the spirit of their clothing and other accessories, too. 

I have shopped at Need Supply Co. twice and I really like them. Customer service was friendly and awesome.  I bought a black faux leather motorcycle jacket there at a great price, and leather ankle boots. These were very basic things that carried me through the winter.

I'll give you an example of how nice their customer service is.  I ordered a second pair of ankle boots from them in another color because I was so happy with the first.  They arrived but stupidly I did not get to the post office in time to pick them up.  So they were sent back to the US.  I was beside myself.  My husband arranged to have them shipped back again and Need Supply agreed no problem.  Of course I had to repay the shipping, 25 big American ones, but it was our fault, so no problem.

Meantime I had had to replace my credit card.  So poor Need Supply was in their office trying  to recharge me on my old card for the shipping until finally they emailed me like, "WASSUP WITH THE CARD DAISY?"  I felt terrible becaue I had forgotten all about it and didn't think they may be trying to charge my old card.  So I called them with my new info, but they were just so cool about.  Their feathers weren't ruffled in the least, and happily, now,  the shoes are on their way back.  But I just loved the way they treated me like an old friend they trusted.  Like I had known them for a million years. And like I hadn't put them out, which I had

But more about their stuff  :)  In their own words, they specialize in "premium street wear and contemporary brands with a focus on denim." Everything they carry has a quiet minimalist tone sparked with an edginess and an eye to repeated use. And they have a great range of prices.  For example you can find a really nice high dolla leather handbag there, but you can also find an equally great looking faux leather bag for less.  And mixed in with the more expensive dresses and t-shirts you can find some that are affordable and equally fashion forward. In fact they are so on trend that you could find things on sale there at the end of last summer that are just now catching on in the bigger fashion picture.  And they also carry men's clothing.

Their shipping information is here.  They offer worldwide priority shipping!  Hooray!

And for those of you in the US only, orders over 150USD ship for free. 

I wish I could remember how I first heard about them.  I know I had searched for three years for the perfect mototcycle jacket before I finally found THE ONE here.  Need Supply Co.  get a big thumbs up from me for their helpfulness, their staff,  and their really well edited line of quiet but fashion forward clothing. It is not a place to blow money but a place to build a wardrobe, to fill in the gaps, and to search for that perfect pair of jeans or that just right drapey t-shirt.  Who knows?  You just might find what you are looking for there.  :)