Friday, May 28, 2010

ASOS Black Pencil Skirt

A knee length black pencil skirt is a sobering thing.  It doesn’t get more basic than this, and yet I have no inclination to go crazy-wild with it.    Maybe it is more challenging to remain simple with it?  I do have a problem remaining lint-free in one, that's for sure, so it is not my favorite item of clothing. 

My favorite way to let my imagination go with a black pencil skirt is with the details of the skirt itself, that is to go longer or shorter with it, to find one with zippers or in an unusual fabric with touches of faux leather, or ruffles, or with fabulous pockets and a touch of draping.

Whoa!  OK, maybe not that short.

That's more like it.

Most of us either can't afford to own ten black pencil skirts or wouldn't want to, but that being said,  here are some very basic ways I would wear a black pencil skirt. 

outfitsanon 016 
This would be really cute if the buttons on the white blouse had some detail to them or were black.  That would be easy to change yourself.  And you could change the red flats for leopard ones for a different kind of zing.  A brooch or a long small link chain necklace would both be nice touches.

outfitsanon 020
With more red but this time gladiator sandals.

outfitsanon 028
The easiest way on the planet to wear a black pencil skirt with a white blouse.  Just make sure you wear something a maître d’ wouldn’t wear like strappy heels ;)

outfitsanon 042
This actually is a menswear shirt which looks nice with a black pencil skirt (as long as the shirt fabric isn’t too heavy).  You could borrow your boyfriend’s, husband’s or brother’s shirt for the day :)

outfitsanon 045
Just changing to a more businesslike bag. 

outfitsanon 058
Lightening it up with a floral for spring.  A flower in the hair with this would be nice.

outfitsanon 063
Adding some girly stuff, a silky camisole, a secondhand velvet clutch, and some metallic ruffle flats.  I could go to a birthday party on a Friday night and still feel comfortable.

outfitsanon 083
Adding a cardigan and different bag I could go to lunch.

outfitsanon 094
With a colorful sweater and accessories. 

outfitsanon 107
All black with a cloisonné cocktail ring, I’d be seriously dressed up in this.  Maybe I'd go to the reading of a will if I were Kathleen Turner in Body Heat.

Whoa!  What a lady!  A bombshell and inimitable.  What she did to a pencil skirt in that movie!

Moving on.

outfitsanon 113
With a t-shirt and a PVC jacket.  Add tights and a checked scarf it’s a fall outfit.

outfitsanon 115

outfitsanon 120
Another Friday night outfit maybe going to get pizza with friends or family 

outfitsanon 134
With a white t-shirt there are some places you could probably wear this to work.

outfitsanon 141
Getting glam.

outfitsanon 148
My favorite way to wear a black pencil skirt, very simply with a black t-shirt and ballet flats

outfitsanon 155
you can add a scarf or colorful bangle 

outfitsanon 158
or add a bright color with your bag 

outfitsanon 166
or add simple sneakers and a tote to go to market

outfitsanon 161
I would totally feel like Lauren Bacall in this.  If he still smoked, I’d be lighting Bogie’s cigarette :)

How about you?  :) How would you wear it?