Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This lovely store in the UK is not for the faint of pocketbook.  I might be able to afford their sale items, or perhaps a scarf at full retail.  But if you have a little extra money to spend this online store has some very beautiful things.  We’ll go on a tour, shall we?

First this dress:
Riad Dress £139.00
Gorgeous, no?  So perfect for flitting around a Greek Island in summer.

And here is one of the scarves I might be able to swing.  It has a cute little cactus print on it.
/Volumes/LaCie Orange/Plumo marrakech/29NOV09/Output/jpg/.CACTUS SCARF-01.jpg
Faro Scarf £29.00

Here is a sampling of their jewelry.
Palomino Earrings £39.00
Don’t you love these? 

I would wear them with these pants which I am in love with.
Jodhpurs £59.00

And then this top to make an outfit.
Indigo Blouse £89.00

And these shoes for when it’s time to walk through the garden, because that is what I would do in these kinds of dreamy clothes. 
Bensimon Boots £45.00 

And every conscientious girl needs a sunhat.
/Volumes/LaCie Orange/Plumo marrakech/29NOV09/Output/jpg/.SUN HAT-23.jpg
Corsica Sun Hat £25.00

And then I would need a bag when it is time to leave the house and go to market.
/Volumes/LaCie Orange/Plumo marrakech/29NOV09/Output/jpg/.CACTUS BAG-33.jpg
Cactus Bag £98.00
Yes, this cute little cactus tote will do. 


Also, good news, the Red Zone at Plumo is filled with lovely sale items like these Chie Mihara shoes (honestly, a shoe designer who I had never heard of until I read about her and saw a video interview over at Lopi's blog Fashion Architect.)
Chie Mahara Shoes £150.00
Who would I be in these?  Someone remarkable, I think. 

What do you think?  Pretty dreamy stuff, no?  It fills my imagination with pictures of lazy summer afternoons close to home. 

Plumo says they are happy to ship Internationally. 

PS I am not sure these links lead anywhere but to the homepage, but I am sure you can find your way around there.  Just be sure to scroll down on each section because there is more than first appears : )