Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Coolest Wedding Ever

Before I enter deeply into this post let me give you a list of all my qualifiers.  First, I dislike the word cool (though I use it often enough to mean "great looking" and "worthy of standing around oohing and ahhing over"), because to me it denotes a lack of appropriate passion toward the world, or an "I don't care attitude," which I am not sure there is anything worse than.  I mean what could be worse than not caring?  The world and the people in it need our care now more than ever.  So do I want to be cool?  No, not really.  But I often feel the pressure to try to be.

Ok, so can I continue?  Thanks. 

There was some excitement not too long ago in the fashion/design/lifestyle blogging world about the coolest wedding ever. And it was indeed quite "cool", and said bride was beautiful and originally outfitted. I am not going to link you to it, because this is not a competition, and please know that what I say from here on out about this subject (qualifier coming up), while my admiration is real and true, is all rather tongue in cheek, because to me a wedding is one of the most sacred traditions ever and I refuse to be party to turning  it into less.

But if there were such a thing as a coolest wedding ever, this is the one that would get my vote.  I am absolutely fascinated by this lovely woman's blog, and I admire her style conviction and commitment, her actualization of her vision, her ebay collection, her baking and crafting, and also I am partial to chickens and gardeners and people who write things like this about their dog.

Plus she had me from the start with her shoes.

My wedding was quite traditonal; at heart I simply could never part with tradition, and I am content with that. But I do very much admire people who are so creative and free with their weddings.  I guess you could say I love to watch. : |

How about you? Was your wedding, or would you like your future wedding to be, a little untraditional?