Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Whar You Bean?

Whar I bean?  I've been researching some newly discovered online shops that ship internationally to add to the list for you my little shopping fiends.  There are many new ones listed and we'll go tour them over the coming weeks.  Know this, that if a shop has questionable security, that is, if my Security Software doesn't OK it, or doesn't have enough info on it to pass it, then I don't list it.  I have had to pass on many a tempting boutique's siren's song, too. 

Also, if a shop has more rules than Roberts Rules of Order, I pass on them.  If they start their Our Polices  or Terms of Use section with things like, "PLEASE READ OUR STORE POLICY/TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS SITE."  I paddle right by.  I'm sorry but I don't think anyone like that is going to be very accountable.  I have had my own successful business.  My father owned his own successful business.  You don't talk to customers that way.  You appreciate your customers with all of your heart because they put food on your family's table. 

I haven't shopped at all these sites by any means.  I would be greatly in debt if I did.  And Outfit Anonymous  members would rather create new outfits with the undiscovered treasure in their closet than go into debt.  Right?  Cuz we're not fools are we?  And most of us have already been there.  Some of you may still be trying to get out of there.  I got out of there ten years ago and I will never go back to credit card debt.  Pay cash.  Buy cheap crap to satisfy your urges.  Just please don't go into debt because it does a number on your soul, and nothing, no pair of Manolo Blahniks is worth that.  If you can't pay the balnace off on your credit card every month, that is if you are carrying a balance each month and paying interest, you need to stop using it immediately and cut it up into very tiny pieces.  Get a debit card for emergencies and use paypal online or use temporary credit cards for online shopping. 

And ladies, peeps, friends, always make sure a web page is secure before you check out.  Use paypal when you can because at present the consensus is it the safest way to shop online.  Use a credit card (if you can resist abusing it) over a debit card so that if anyone hacks your number they cannot drain your account.  Read all the helpful safety tips here. Educate yourself.  Protect yourself!

And I have an outfits post coming up.