Monday, June 7, 2010

Boohoo Haul

I went over to Boohoo to check out a couple of things in their last email and look at the haul I came back to my blog with. : |

Oh, I need this. I really do. No seriously. STOP! I DO!

Crystal Ruffle Cameo Waistcoat £20.00

(and come on you know you need this. Uhuh.)

Fearne Ditsy Print Frill Sleeve Dress £21.00

OK. You are right I do have one kinda like this. But it doesn’t have ruffles.

Arianne Ruffle Skirt £20.00

In a couple of months these are going to BE EVERYWHERE. Right now they are in high demand and flying off the auction block at eBayUK. And more warm weather friendly ones for summer are there without collars. Someone (please) needs to get on the stick at ASOS.  We want denim vests!

Rianne Denim Waistcoat £18.00

And I know, but still it’s kinda cute isn’t it? For the price??? And I for one am glad it is not real snakeskin. Real snakeskin I do not need. And it’s cute with the denim vest above and then I’d add a real simple black or beige skirt, flat colorful sandals. Oh yeah. One season is all this baby needs to last me.

Abigail Snakeskin Effect Shoulder Bag £15.00 treats for me right now until bills are paid, but maybe for you?

You can read my review of Boohoo here. And you can find their International Delivery information here :) 

PS And do yourself a favor.  If you find something on Boohoo you like, write down the name of it because they scramble their offerings so they come up in a different order everytime, meaning you have to go through lots of skirts or whatever to find the item you originally saw, and then you buy twice as much as you meant to because you saw all this other stuff.  Write it down, and then you can look it up in their search box later.