Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Shoulder Dresses at Boohoo

Here are 5 one shoulder dresses available at Boohoo now:

Rose Print One Shoulder Dress 20 GBP
The Jenni Shoulder Dress  20GBP
This is the one that caught my eye and I would really like to have.  I don’t know what it is about it. Part of it may be the floral print of the fabric, but it definitely appeals to the romantic in me. It’s super smashing with the earrings she has on.  And couldn't you just see it with some lilac tights?

Here is another cutie:
The Elyse One Shoulder Flower Dress 10GBP
I love the top on this.  Pretty with a cool floral print, too.  Very fresh and youthful.  Flat sandals would keep in the summer spirit of this one. 

The Katie One Shoulder Dress 10GBP
Ruffles for days.  It would be cute with snug denim or khaki bermuda shorts, cowgirl ankle boots. Love her hair, too, and the princess effect. 

The Edal Floral One Shoulder Dress 10GBP
I love the neckline and cool colors of this one.  This says 80's prom to me.  It's Kelly in Saved by the Bell  How about with some royal blue mid heel pumps as they are called in the states, or court shoes as they are called in the UK?  Boohoo has the must have style of these right now.  Here is the shoe I am feeling this dress with.

And last of all:
The Faye One Shoulder Studded Trim Ethnic print Dress 20GBP
A little tribal inspiration mixed with a toga effect.  I could see it in the heat of summer with some dark brown sandals with thin straps that wrap and tie endlessly around the ankles.

Boohoo is a great place to shop if you want to try some trends without spending a lot of money.  I have the best luck there with the stretchy fabrics, jersey and such dresses, and leggings, and their accessories.  I haven’t had great luck with the fit of jeans and trousers.

The way their return policy is now (I think they are looking at revising it it) you have to have an authorization before you can send items back which you can arrange online on their site.  Refunds can take a long time and customer service is a little slow (but if you are persistent they will accommodate you), but that is always the case it seems when prices are as low as theirs.  Just make sure you keep a record of all your transactions and dates of purchase and return and any money owed you for items returned. 

I have had a few headaches shopping at Boohoo, mostly with returns and some with misfiting items,  but I will continue to shop there firstly for the revolving door of new trendy selections and secondly for the price.  If you have a little money to spare it is fun to go blow it at Boohoo on styles you might not otherwise try. 

Boohoo located in the UK delivers to the UK and most European countries.  For a list of the European countries Boohoo delivers to click here.