Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Olive Zipper Skirt from LuLu*s

  scapesoutfitsanon 001
I resisted this skirt as long as I could but I could not forget about it,   Once I made up my mind I almost tripped over myself because I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough to buy it. I really do love it though because it inspires me. I dream I have a new life in it.  I am a new person. 

scapesoutfitsanon 013

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scapesoutfitsanon 015

Touches of turquoise like in a cuff would really make this sing:
scapesoutfitsanon 018

scapesoutfitsanon 022

scapesoutfitsanon 025
I would wear this window shopping at IKEA which I  I would do everyday if I could eat lunch there everyday, and also everyday eat those green princess cakes they have.  Yum :)

scapesoutfitsanon 020

scapesoutfitsanon 026
I love this for a date or a party.  Even if you don’t have a lot of clothes, you could come up with something like this just by layering and thinking outside the box.  A ribbon could be used as a thin belt.  The scarf could be used as a wrap or a shawl:

scapesoutfitsanon 039
You can barely see the white t-shirt, but it is actually a bodysuit with a  slightly low ballet back. 

scapesoutfitsanon 042

scapesoutfitsanon 044
The body suit is perfect for this skirt because unlike a t-shirt it doesn’t add any more bulk around the waist to what the skirt already adds. 

Adding some orange and violet.  The orange vest is actually a light tank dress.  You may have seen it before here.
scapesoutfitsanon 051
With Birks it’s perfect for summer and going out to get a hot dog.

scapesoutfitsanon 055

outfitsanon 006
My favorite way to wear this skirt is casually with a graphic t-shirt because it suits my lifestyle.  This one is from dELiA*s, where all my favorite graphic tees come from, and it has a very deep V neck, and a giant parrot on it.  The brown bow bag is pre-owned from eBay.

The following shirt I love because of the cat face and look! Laid out flat it is just a giant square folded over on itself.   We could make that!  And I couldn’t help but dance in this outfit because it has romance. 

outfitsanon 014

And speaking of romance...
outfitsanon 034
Layering two skirts here for kicks adds some modern day romance.  I might try adding afternoon party shoes.

outfitsanon 039

outfitsanon 046
The secret to the use I get out of this chambray shirt is how gauzy light it is.  Denim shirts are heavy and stiff  for my comfort.  I would shop in this outfit if I were a tourist.  It’s a very classic way to wear the skirt.  It’s not quite safari but it says world traveler to me.  Maybe my anthropology professor would wear this to class. 

outfitsanon 063
Country girl in the city.  I would wear knee socks with this and let them show a bit.

outfitsanon 048

outfitsanon 052

outfitsanon 059

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outfitsanon 074

outfitsanon 071
A little Friday night soda fountain magic...but I'd take a cardi or wear tights for more coverage. 

I'd wear this with a long boyfriend cardigan.  It’s cool and simple for summer and still girly.
outfitsanon 079

And, hey, you know that pink paisley tie you bought your Dad or your husband and that he never wears?

You can wear it!...with heels... and a big floppy bag!

outfitsanon 097

outfitsanon 107
or with some Birks.

(I might add a cute Fedora if I had one!)

And for a very casual feel and cooler weather, granny booties would be cute with this, too.

outfitsanon 113
These patent coral flats lighten it up a lot.

And speaking of coral...
outfitsanon 026

outfitsanon 029

outfitsanon 118
For my coloring coral flatters more than orange because of the softer contrast.  If I were darker I would bump it up!

outfitsanon 119

outfitsanon 124
mix in a print tote.

outfitsanon 129
And maybe a modern day princess could wear this. 

So how about you:)  How would you wear it?