Thursday, June 24, 2010


Every fad fades for a reason until a generation comes along that is too young to remember why. 

I have always had to wear a bra.  Even when I was young, I just couldn’t get away without one.  It wasn’t that I was so huge; it was the lift I needed.  So I’ve always looked longingly on women like Louise Brooks, Kate Hudson, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis, and Katie Holmes, all of whom I can imagine jogging without bras.

When I see Kate Hudson in a plunging neckline I think, “Ah!  What would it be like to wear such a dress and  not worry about tucking in bra straps or wearing an uncomfortable strapless bra?!  Quelle liberté !  When I see Kate Moss braless in a tank top and no one is offended, I marvel!  If I were to go into a restaurant braless in a tank top  I am pretty sure everyone would be offended.   They might even get up and leave.

But the whole point of this lament is to talk about the wearing of bodysuits, which pose some problems, and are creeping back in (and let me tell you, they will be creeping alright).  I would love to be able to wear these, but I just cannot do it.  How about you?  Could you get away with these?  Would you want to?

Jolene Bodysuit by Quail
This is the first one that inspired me.  Super color and style.  Even if I could afford it on sale at 93USD, which I can’t, I couldn’t get away with it.  The back is too low.  I would have bra issues.

Whoa.  See what I mean?

Here is another cutie…
Floral Bodysuit
Very cute, so darn cute, but NO WAY.  The front is too low and the tendency is for a bodysuit to pull downward.  Also it has a similar problem to the above:

the back is low.

Then there’s this.
at BuyDefinition
now 69.00USD

NO ABSOLUTELY NOT EVER.  EVEN IF I COULD.  NO WAY.  Is it any wonder this is on sale?!   Please, if this is your profession,  forgive me, but unless you are a cigarette girl, cocktail waitress, or a hat check girl in a 1940’s men’s only establishment, this is really pushing the boundaries of good taste.

Let’s try one at ASOS. 
Now this looks a little more user friendly.   13 was probably the last age I could have worn it.   Cute though, huh?  So great with the faded jean shorts.  It speaks to me of a hip free girl who never worries about things like bras.  The kind of girl who always had a boyfriend in high school, and seemed to know something I didn’t. 

Is this next one more promising?
 74USD at Revolve by Velvet
Now you guys know I love Velvet by Graham and Spencer, even though I can’t afford much of it.  And this is getting closer to what is doable for me, but for a bodysuit we are still out of my price range, and still perhaps a hair out of my decency zone as well since it is whisper thin.  Part of it depends on how low cut the back is. 

OK then, that’s not too bad.  I could maybe do that.  See, Velvet is good stuff!  But 74 smackers is still a lot of money for a bodysuit.  And I would have to know, will it give me a wedgie? 

This one at Boohoo is only 8GBP. A little low cut, but in my price zone, and at £8.00 it is fully guaranteed to give me a wedgie.

Because you see this was the problem with bodysuits and why they went out of fashion to begin with. So do remember that before you spend a lot of money on one.  And pray tell, where were these when we needed them?  When we were all wearing super low-rise everything and we needed a little something in that zone between our shirt and our underwear.  It’s going to take at least a generation to forget about that, too.