Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good Morning World

Sometimes I wake up very homesick.  I miss my country like it is a part of my bones.  The rivers, the trees, my old neighbors, and running into them on the street when I walked my dogs, or up at the neighborhood gas station, or the coffee shop.

What does this have to do with outfits?  Nothing.   But it is just to say thank you to all the nice people who have read my blog and to tell them every little kindness they have shown me meant something very big to me. 

Thank you for the award, Reva .  You are a very warm and special person and I am so glad our blogs crossed paths.  And if I may say, you and your outfits are looking more beautiful than ever.  Keep shining for us all to see.  Don't change.

Let's see, 5 things about myself...I couldn't do it so I finally cracked and called my husband at work and asked him to list 5 things about me.  This is his list:

1.  Loving
2.  Conscientious
3.  Openhearted
4.  Truthful
5.  Strong

Thank you, Mr.Nick. 

Paying it forward:
to the knowledgeable Sarah D @My Republic of Fashion
to the adventurous nurmisur @ tomuchinformation
to the beautiful natasha @ Diary of a divergent student
to the talented Branka @Sew lovely dreams
to the inspirational Faye Lewis @ Faye's Sewing Adventure
to the thespian Gina @clothes, inter alia
...and if you want to feel good today, go by and see Reva's big smile @ Reva's Rags to Roses and take one of her tours.

Lovely and I believe good hearted ladies, all. 

Come and pick up your reward and copy and paste it on your blog and pay it forward if you like :)  And like Reva said, anybody else who wants it.  You all deserve it for making the world a more beautiful place!