Sunday, February 13, 2011



dress angel sanchez                                finch photo sarah pryke


Hungry for glamourous outfit ideas?   There are plenty over at The Outfit Du Jours archive over at Fashion Foie Gras

Brain scan imaging is giving away all our secrets. Can You Really Be Addicted to Food? suggests we say hello food addiction and goodbye emotional eating

They Hawk You Gawk  Is anyone else bored by this kind of stuff?  Please, celebs, tuck your tats in and put your cakes away 

Finally, science may have come up with the explanation why Jen Aniston never reproduced with Brad Pitt.  This is recent scientific news I found simultaneously fascinating and uber sad  - Dud Mates Stress Out Female Finches

When curly is the new straight Perms Make a Comeback

Getting married?  Here are the Wedding Trends for 2011