Thursday, September 23, 2010

occasional oufits – thursday afternoon outfit

outfitsanon occas plus 039

polo, belt, and tote – llbean

jeans – lulu*s

gladiator sandals – gojane

imitation wayfarers - carrefour

kitten – oh, in so much trouble today he was really really naughty

Into town with my husband.  I did a sandwich today with red on top and bottom and the jeans as the pale grey filling – a safe formula that’s always reliable – it is not quite so everyday when you do it with a color like red. 

Our dog had to go for an operation.  I wore red because it is supposed to help the sick in their healing as it is known to stimulate blood circulation and the organs and to stimulate the senses.   I always wear something red when I visit the sick in the hospital or I am not feeling physically well myself.

It surprises me when I dress like this and get attention from men like happened today.  It just goes to show you men do like when women look smart and covered – you can get their attention other ways very easily but it isn’t really the right kind of attention if you know what I mean.  Even though I am married it is still important to me to know I am attractive.  And I know it makes my husband feel good, too – when it is the right kind of attention – i.e. admiration and not lust. 

I was much more confused about this when I was younger.