Wednesday, September 1, 2010

introducing shop alpha


Ladies Wool Long Pea Coat  USD 175.00  USD 75.00



Ladies Wool Cropped Pea Coat   USD 122.00  USD 53.00


Ladies Electra Vest   USD 210.00  USD60.00


Lucy  USD 170.00  USD 60.00


Ladies Cotton Military Trench Coat  USD 122.00  USD 53.00


Ladies Love and Peace Tank  USD 8.00


Ladies Hot Shorts  USD 45.00  USD 17.00

Rather than following the military trend second hand - you can get the real thing from Shop Alpha – known for their durable quality - for a lot less money – and these pieces aren’t likely to ever go out of style. 

Shop Alpha carries clothing and outerwear and a few accessories for Men Women and Kids.

You can read all about Shop Alpha - their origins and their transition into the fashion market here. 

We touched on Shop Alpha for the first time in this post.

International Delivery Info for Shop Alpha is here.