Thursday, August 26, 2010

thursday etsy find

Vintage 1970’s Cotton Laura Ashley Prairie Wedding Dress   USD 180.00   Etsy

It’s a US size 6, too small for me!  But it's really romantic and cute.  This style is really making a comback. :)  Aren’t you loving it?

It would look great with some platform boots like these -

Vintage Sky Blue Motorcylcle Boots   USD 40.00   Etsy 

The boots are small, too :(  What a great look for a fall wedding though, with lots of fall colored flowers like these -

 flower duet

and then you could wear it with clogs for casual friday nights out after the wedding -

Vintage 1970’s Platform Clogs   USD 75.00   Etsy

with a Peacoat -

Peacoat   USD 65.00   Etsy

This one is a little sketchy on details but there are a lot more out there or you could even buy one new here – they have women’s styles and they ship Internationally.  :)