Thursday, September 2, 2010

black cigarette pants

One of the things that I love about living here is that you can buy clothes at the grocery store.  

I bought these pants just that way 2 years ago -

These are fairly straight legged, flat fronted cropped trousers -  add to that their classic black color –  and they ride the fickle tides of fashion well -

cigarette pants 004

Audrey Hepburn set a standard with this genre of trouser – that’s great – but that was Audrey –  you’re you -


No need to try to emulate this look if it is not right for you.

Like it’s cousin - the black pencil skirt -  the black cigarette pant is sobering and sometimes intimidating - if only because of Audrey but perhaps more so because of the blinding number of possibilities basic black and classic shapes proffer -

images.jpg audrey  + question-mark =cup-of-coffeewho am I?

It helps to narrow the playing field. 

Where to begin?

Make it manageable by zoning in on 3 things -

1 - your lifestyle demands

      ex. heels or no?  work or home?

2 - your figure

     ex. high waist or low waist?  flat front or pleats?

3 - your preferences

      ex. colors or neutrals?  solids or patterns?

Why not Audrey?

Solid Black creates a strong silhouette and so this is as close to Audrey as I will ever want to get with my type figure – no need to advertise my hip to waist ratio is not what it should be -

cigarette pants 037

cigarette pants 039

cigarette pants 043

cigarette pants 046 =woman-silhouette-4

black creates a strong silhouette

Good for Audrey – not so good for me.

These outfits would make me happier -

cigarette pants 019

cigarette pants 030

cigarette pants 034 

cigarette pants 069 

cigarette pants 081

cigarette pants 085 

I played off the masculine vs. the beatnik vibe – I can do that safely because I am curvy – by using menswear shirts and boy tanks – then added just a touch of something feminine or playful - expressing personality vs. emphasizing body shape. 

Because Audrey was straight up and down – these outfits might not have worked on her.  They might have made her look too boyish.  She wisely kept her silhouette slim to show what curves she did have, and  in so doing emphasized her slight figure,  making the high note in her outfit her delightfully expressive face.


Emphasize what you are comfortable emphasizing.  There is nothing more mournful in the world of outfits than to see someone uncomfortable in their clothes. 

Rather than applying an iconic item such as black cigarette trousers to emulate another’s style – you can purpose them to discover yourself and bring yourself alive.  You can still remain classic or romantic, reserved or assertive and do that.  No need to give up your soul. 

How about you :)  How would you wear black cigarette trousers to suit your personality, body, and lifestyle?