Monday, September 6, 2010

anniversary outfit

occasional plus 014

It was our wedding anniversary and we went out to dinner.  The heels were worn because the stretch jersey pants are very long.  The leather bag brought the outfit down a notch to casual - and sandals were avoided for the same reason.   The top is a proper modern steel boned, lace up corset which causes one to sit up straight.  I wrapped the extra length of laces around the waist as a belt to emphasize it being cinched.

The ASOS Boudoir chambray corset was bought on sale from ASOS last year to wear with a vintage navy double-breasted boyfriend blazer.  The idea was to find something chambray but feminine to wear under the blazer.  If the search  hadn’t been for something so specific not only would this corset never have been found, but it never would have been looked at twice. 

A sale is a great tool when looking for something very specific. Sometimes things end up on sale that don’t catch on until next season and a jumpstart is had on them.  Not everything on sale is a loser - sometimes a treasure is found.  This top is a treasure and husband smiled ear to ear when he walked into the room and saw the outfit. 

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