Sunday, August 22, 2010

sunday morning outfit

OA ocassional and Cherry 011

This dress  has seen a lot of wear since April.  It’s fun changing up the accessories - turquoise, cobalt, green, navy, chambray, nude, and now pink.  The belt here is a very pale pink with a bow detail in front and it buckles in the back.  It blends with the pinkish grey trim at the neckline.  The hot pink bag is a real eye catcher – something to be mindful of - 

Because regardless of whether your look is successful or not, hot pink is going to catch peoples’ eyes - so when you are wearing it - if people stare - it is hard to know if it’s because you look good  - or  because they really have no choice.  

People stare for a variety of reasons.  They stare at crazy people.  They stare at accidents on the highway.  Just because you are turning heads doesn’t necessarily mean you look good and that is something to keep in mind.