Sunday, August 22, 2010

BD vintage at buydefinition

I don’t know about you guys but I am loving this look at Buydefinition and the horse pieces it rode in on -  It’s like Arizona 80’s -  only it’s Texas -

BDVIntage Geometric Turtleneck Sweater USD 38.00 
Fresh Prince Pants  USD 72.00

I didn’t realize at first they actually were vintage pieces that Buydefinition was selling, because vintage clothing was not something I ever associated with them. 

But BD Vintage – Buydefinition Vintage - duh, Daisy - is partnering with local vintage dealers in the Austin, Texas area to  offer unique vintage pieces online.  Well no wonder they looked so authentic!

I love the way they styled the pieces.  Here are some more -

BDVintage Jabberwocky Sleeveless Buttondown   USD 36.00

BD Vintage Into Wild Dress   USD 62.00

and the pièce de résistance -

BD Vintage Lock and Bling Bomber   USD 48.00

or how about this doozey -

BDVintage Jungle Bomber   USD 44.00

It would be hard to choose between the two. 

It’s hard to believe with this fantastic styling job these pieces aren’t current. Plus the pieces are just really well chosen.  And this is a great website.  It’s a pleasure to navigate.

Buydefinition’s International Shipping info is here.