Thursday, August 19, 2010

stylistic range and flexibility

Is it important to have stylistic range in your wardrobe, and if so, why?

It’s a little like vocal range for a singer.  Not all singers we like to listen to have it, but I don’t think a one of them would reject it if they were offered an octave or two more.  Why?  Because it would give them more options.  Instead of driving up and down the same street over and over they would have some place to turn off to.  In other words they would have more places to go. 

And not every singer who has a wide range has to use it on every song.  Thank goodness - that would be tiresome.  But the having of it, and the exercising of it can only make you better at the style you spend most of your skin in.

Think of Mikhail Baryshnikov – he was a classical ballet dancer but he was always seeking to expand his range -

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Why?  To challenge himself and to grow I imagine.  And to discover and uncover more of himself and his own potential.    People with one style are memorable but they don't seem to have staying power.   People with range and flexibility have staying power.   Look at Madonna, Tyra Banks, Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Jane Fonda.  They are always trying new things.  Think about that before you let one style or one idea define you.