Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sale at allsaints, i think

It is hard to get excited about a sale, even a good one, when all the website allows me to present to you are these teeny tiny pictures.  Witness:
Sultan Dress
Sultan Dress
Was £95.00 / Now £47.50

This near lovely dress on sale at allsaints is marked down quite substantially, along with many more items.  Here is the link to the dresses.  Good luck finding a Sale section; it appears you will have to search yourself for your sale items by category.   It is as if they are in some kind of denial about their sale. 

A company that is either so insecure about needing to liquidate their seasonal stock , or perhaps feels it would hurt their cool image too much to put up a sale banner with a link to sale items, especially after they lure you to their website with a teaser SALE email. well, …is kind of irritating.  I don’t have that kind of time to waste.  I don’t think most people do. 

The clothes at allsaints all have a very somber quality.  They are heavy on the neutrals, but surprisingly with the neutrality I don’t get a feeling of versatility (although it's fun to try to lighten them up).  The lines and styles are so strong they make their own dark statements. If you can afford to stock your closet with statement clothing and you like clothes with a vibe of gravity then you may like shopping here. 

I will leave you now with another teeny tiny picture.  Maybe you can get excited about it; I am afraid I can’t.  I dislike this website so much that if I ever did buy a piece of allsaints clothing, I would prefer to purchase it from ASOS.  I feel the same way about whistles, because I dislike their website also.  But they don’t even ship to my country.

Here’s your teeny tiny picture.  Here is your crumb.
Ophelia Sandal
Ophelia Sandal
Was £145.00 / Now £72.50
That all being said, they are having a pretty fantastic sale at allsaints.  And their International shipping info is here.