Tuesday, July 6, 2010

motel at karmaloop

Motel-The Gabriela Dress in Black
the gabriela dress in black 66USD

Motel-The Gabriela Dress in Grape
and in grape

Motel-The Jet Dress in Black
the jet dress in black 66USD

Motel-The Lisa Dress in Black Lace
the lisa dress in black 48USD

Motel-The Rae Dress in Navy
the rae dress in navy 58USD

Motel-The Slash Neck Dress
the slash neck dress 44USD

Motel-The Annete Pant
the annete pant 58USD

Motel-The Forest Belt in Cobalt
the forest belt in cobalt 16USD

Motel-The Erin Blouse in Spring Roses
the erin blouse in spring roses sale 31.95USD

Motel-The Husky Coat in Leopard
the leopard coat in husky size s only sale 64.95USD

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