Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shorts at Next

There is a dizzying array of cute shorts at Next, so many so that I don’t know where to begin.

Denim Track Shorts
Denim Track Shorts 16GBP

Indigo Slouch Shorts
Indigo Slouch Shorts 25GBP

Utility Shorts
Utility Shorts 16GBP

Belted Denim Bermudas
Belted Denim Bermudas 25GBP

Black Bow Belt City Shorts
Black Bow Belt City Shorts 30GBP
These are great looking.

Stud Detail Shorts
Stud Detail Shorts 25GBP

Basic Utility Shorts
Basic Utility Shorts 12GBP

Stripe Knee Shorts
Stripe Knee Shorts 26GBP
my faves

Floral Printed Shorts
Floral Printed Shorts 16GBP
Very cute retro print.  These remind me of summer camp.

Jersey Shorts
Jersey Shorts 12GBP
Basically all you will find me in in summer is jersey shorts.  Once you go jersey you will never go back. 

Broderie Shorts
Broderie Shorts 28GBP
They’ve styled these really cute, a la 80’s.

High Waist Stripe Button Shorts
High Waist Stripe Button Shorts 28GBP
Just make sure you have a waist if you try these.  Mine is really short, so I will skip them.

Next does not deliver to my country, even though they have a store here, sort of like Top Shop, go figure, but for a list of the countries they deliver to, go here

PS  Dear Online Retailers,  Cyprus and Malta are in the EU.  We are people, too.  Sincerely, and Thank you, Daisy and Roofy