Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crew Clothing Co.

I can only think that Crew Clothing Co. is where people who shop at Jack Wills go after they graduate.  They are self described as selling British casual luxury, and I would say that is a fitting description.  They really do have lovely classic things for men and women if you have the nicely lined wallet for it.  Let’s take a look at some of the women’s.

Crew Clothing Emily Cardi
Emily Cardi £27.50 (was £39.95)
I am tres partial to their knits.  I think they are the absolute best thing they’ve got going. 

Crew Clothing Grace Flip Flop
Grace Flip Flop £19.95
Cute flips.

Crew Clothing Notely Bag
Notely Bag £55.00
This is darling.  They have styled it with stripes on the website and it looks adorable. 

Crew Clothing Angelica Lounge Sock
Angelica Lounge Sock £17.50 (was £25.00)
The perfect pair of cozy socks for curling up on the couch in winter with a good book, smelling like baby powder after a nice shower . (That’s how it goes in my daydream anyway). 

Crew Clothing GBR Polo Shirt
GBR Polo Shirt £39.95
We all need one of these.

Crew Clothing Sweet Pea Tunic
Sweet Pea Tunic £55.00
This is really cute on the model.  They show it as a beach cover up. 

Crew Clothing Sutton Mac
Sutton Mac £85.00
Who hasn’t always wanted one of these?

Crew Clothing Hadley Boot
Hadley Boot £67.50 (was £135.00)
Excellent deal, and good sizing is still available, if you can bear buying boots in summer.

Crew Clothing Classic Cargo Shorts
Classic Cargo Shorts £25.00 (was £45.00)
Shorts for life.  For luncheon on the grass now, and for mowing the grass ten years from now, because they will probably last that long. 

Crew Clothing Wallace Skirt
Wallace Skirt £45.00
The perfect summer mini.

Crew Clothing GBR Quarter Rugby Shirt
GBR Quarter Rugby Shirt £49.95
They’ve got rugby's galore.  But at this price you might want to think about sitting out the game and staying pristine.

Crew Clothing Anya Tankini TopCrew Clothing Flora Pant
Anya Tankini Top and Flora pant, £25.00 and £19.95

Rutland Leather Belt £29.95
The belt you are always looking for and everyone is always sold out of!  : |

Crew Clothing Denim Crops
Denim Crops £55.00
Great when it’s too hot for long jeans.   I like these with a polo and flip flops or keds.  Very girl next door.  Or if you want to go more flirty, a bustier is nice.  If you want to be edgy, I'd stay away from these. 

I have shopped at Crew Clothing Co once, over a year ago, back when I still had money.  Unfortunately my order did not go so well because at the time I had a different billing and shipping address, and they sent my package to my billing address in another country.  Hmm.  Mistakes like that happen, and I was OK with that until I saw how they handled it.  They left it up to me to get the package back and said they would reimburse me.  Well that was easier said than done.  It was a long time and many emails and a real pain in the hiney to get it sorted, but we finally did.  I opted out of the merchandise for a full refund because by the time it would’ve gotten back to me the season was over!

They have gorgeous classic clothing (they also sell men’s clothing), that is for sure, and though I have never seen the quality up close and personal, I can bet that it’s primo.  If this is your style, you might want to give them a chance.  I like mixing pieces like this with more trendy cheap stuff. 

Would I try shopping there again?  Maybe.  I will never say never, but I was truly disappointed with their customer service, especially with the prices they charge.  I would rather shop at Jack Wills for a rugby, honestly, because I had a good experience there, even during Royal Mail’s strike.  Or at LLBean in the States (they have the best customer service in the world and better prices).  But I may give Crew Clothing Co. another chance one day, if the economy ever recovers, and I ever have money again.  I would have to be sitting pretty though because I do feel like it is a luxury to shop there.

You can read about the history of Crew Clothing Co. here.  Crew Clothing Co supports the children’s charity Sparks which funds pioneering medical research in children’s diseases. 

And good news, Crew Clothing Co. delivers to Europe and the Rest of the World.  That info is here :)