Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nika le Butik

Orange Beaded Indian Bracelet
Orange Beaded Indian Bracelet 25USD

That perfect touch of orange. 

I just recently discovered Nika.  My first impression was not so grand, in all fairness, simply because it is not my style.  But hopefully I have a readership of varied style and age and what we all share is a love of dressing, online shopping, and finding new stores that will ship to us, so we are all up for a tour.

And honestly, after spending a morning in their virtual clothing racks I have gained a greater appreciation for Nika.  True, their clothes are a bit un-wearable in my world, but my world is not a glamorous world; it is a very practical dish doing world.

The other thing that put me off at first was the Customer Service page.  Firstly, it is the same as their About Us page.  And secondly,  their return policy is pretty strict, and they are kind of in your face with it, and with a smiley face about it all to boot.  Some items cannot be returned at all.  For the rest you need a RA#, and you have 10 days to return the merchandise after you have obtained it.  Most online stores will account for international shipping and the longer time it takes to return a package, but if I were you, I would ask them about this first.  Boohoo has a similar policy but since they are in the UK and I am in Cyprus they allow me more than ten days which I need.

So, you up for a tour?


Small Crystal Swan Earrings in Gold
Small Crystal Swan Earrings 24.00USD

My perfect size dangle earring. 

I really like the idea of this dress but I don’t know how it would work in reality,

Nightcap Penelope Dress in White 274.00USD

especially if she were to step too far back, trip on her train, and go tumbling into the sea.  We may never get her out should her boots fill with water.

Plus, the back is a little prohibitive.  We’ve talked about this before.

But this must have been very popular because their only size left is an XS. 

This looks wearable.  I quite like this.  In fact I am almost in love with it. No, doggone it.  I WANT IT.

Mink Pink Violet Tendencies Dress 75.00USD

I actually loved this when I first saw it

Patterson J. Kincaid Greenwich Lace Belted Dress in Black

until I saw the back

Why do they do that?  It would have been so pretty as a tank dress.  You only need so much edge,you know?  Otherwise you might just as well be a machete and hack people up.   

And then this is pretty... soft and flowy,

Indah Tawny Drape Back Drop Waist Tunic

but I foresee problems;

you see what i mean?

Oh, wait, I see they’ve solved it.

The solution is to wear a leopard print bra underneath. That should go over well at Sorority Rush or the Ice Cream Social.

This is cute,

Nika Floral One Shoulder Belted Dress in Yellow

but I would like to see it on a real human being just to get the flesh factor straight.

And this is cute, too,

Mary Mee Batwing Dress in Grey

but I would hesitate to call it a dress as they have. 

I almost loved this.  I really did.

Until  I saw this.

Oh dear.   It just went from sensual elegant to overkill and machetes.

But these are wearable.  I like them.  They are not beautiful but they are cute.  I’d wear these for everyday stuff around the house with a graphic tee and flip flops instead of sweatpants, and in winter with classic knee boots and an open vest.

Knit Gauchos in Brown Missioni Print

and only 30.00USD.

And I’d wear these,

Wildfox Love Hurts Leggings in Dirty White
because I don’t shy away from making poetic statements with my legs as long as they are true.  I am not kidding.  I would wear these maybe with a flower print dress or a football jersey.  Because football hurts, too.

And these I’d wear.

Floral Print Rocker Tights in White

Sometimes this is just the thing needed in a closet to make an outfit sing.  Remember how people were saying just a few seasons back, “Never wear white tights.  They don’t flatter anyone.”  Well now they are saying something different.  Always count on them doing that.  Because for one thing they need to re-sell us the stuff  they just ensured with their helpful advice we no longer own.  And for another, the human mind, after it has absorbed and processed them,  hates design rules with a passion and sets out forthwith to break them.

And these, I’d wear them:

Nika Denim Zipper Legging

I like a zipper or two.

But not these,

Nightcap Lace Bellbottoms 192.00USD

even though I love them;  I’ll leave them to Kate Moss, Mick Jagger, Patti Hansen. (Nice styling job though, ladies.  The chair is awesome.)

But back to 2010….

given my affection for jersey shorts, I may put these on and never take them off.

.Alernative Eco Roller Derby Shorts in Grey
Alternative Echo Roller Derby Shorts 28USD

And this is really cute and versatile

Vintage Havana Floral Zipper Back T Shirt
Vintage Havana Floral Zipper Back T Shirt 54.00USD

Out of all the brands they sell, I like Bobi the best.

Bobi Long Sleeve Jersey Turtleneck in Folk
Bobi Long Sleeve Jersey Turtleneck Sale Price 32.00USD

Here is another Bobi top.

Bobi Tie Hem Lightweight Sweater in Magenta
Bobi Tie Hem Lightweight Sweater Sale Price 54.00USD

Finally, if this weren’t silk I’d jump all over it. 

Saivana Sheer Chiffon Side Tie Blouse in Grey
Saivana Sheer Chiffon Side Tie Blouse Sale Price 94.00USD

Love it.  It’s very romantic.

Nika le Butik carries Rich and Skinny jeans, House of Harlow jewelry and many, many other brands. They are located in Park Ridge, Illinois. ( Who knew Park Ridge was so edgy?)  And other than that fact, there is no personal shop history I could find on the website.  It appears many celebrities shop there; I definitely see traces of the LA celeb style.  So if this is you go give them a look.  Just be careful to ask questions first, because their return policy, like a lot of boutiques, is strict.

Nika is proud to ship worldwide. Though I have never shopped there myself, here are some reviews I found online and they are quite good.  You may also see where Nika le Butik has been in the press here.

And, friends, that concludes your tour of Nika le Butik :)  So what do you think?  Is this your style?  Would you shop here?  Would you wear any of these things?