Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Feelin' Groovy - The Korkease Wedge

Kork-Ease Bette K2086 - Free Shipping & Return Shipping - Shoebuy.com

Don't these feel really of the moment? And the company that makes them, Korkease, begun in Brooklyn, NY, have been around since 1953 making these wedge style shoes! It seems that they are the actual inventor of the wedge if I have read their website correctly. Does anyone know if this is true? These were VERY popular once upon a time in the early 70's. Korkease are known for their quality and comfort.

Oh, I want a pair of these so badly right now! The above pictured are available at Shoebuy.com in the US (some are sold out) and they are also available in other colors . Unfortunately, they do not ship to Cyprus, but they do ship to many countries, inside and outside the EU. For a full list click here. It's a pretty good list. Free shipping/return shipping is not available on International orders.

I have seen some on the ebay US site as well for a lot less but with limited styles and colors available.

I don't know about you but when I look at these I start feeling GROOVY. I think we are going to be seeing these everywhere soon and Korkease is due for another boon in business like in the 70's. Enjoy!