Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ark & Co. Cropped Trousers from Lulu's

One of those love at first sight things.

This is defintely my style. The sandals are heavenly comfy and light and come from Revolve.

If you want to dress the tunic up with heels, why not?

This was a happy surprise. I never would have thought of it but the dress was located near the trousers in the closet and voila. It's a very inexpensice cotton Indian dress, the coolest and best kind for summer in my opinion that I bought down in the Old section of Nicosia. A very beautiful area if you ever come to Cyprus. I put it with my Asos friendship bracelets and comfy sandals. I think this is my favorite outfit of all.

Got to have a way to wear it with my Birks.

And the bag is from Carrefour two years ago! It is so versatile! I can wash it. I can wear it as a backpack. And thinking Green I can use it to haul groceries from the market. Only a couple of euro and they have them in all colors

This is a vintage tunic blouse with a small collar from the 80's. One of my favorite things. I love yellow because it was my Mom's favorite color.

Mixing brown and black.

Defintely date night.

Just sweet and comfy. Shopping in the tourist area of Limassol with my husband.

An attention getter. I like the crisp proportions. Like a little soldier.

With chunky red beads. I feel like Meryl Streep in Heartburn in this. FUNNY MOVIE! I loved the way she dressed in that. And her father was so funny.

To the flea fair with friends...

I would feel very Old Hollywood in this. I see myself in this when my husband comes home from work. I am Lauren Bacall and I am very clever with my quips. Maybe I offer him a martini.

This gives me a combo 4o's, 50's, 8o's feel. Pretty much everything but the 6o's and 70's! :) I would probably wear it shopping at My Mall.

I would feel pretty much like Doris Day doing my house work in this. Waiting for David Niven to come home. Telling my dog not to eat the daisies.

Just something a little more young and modern. A little bit of gypsy bohemian. One of those necklaces is a belt from dELiA's. The scarf was a freebie when I bought the Indian dress. The violet top looks great with this khaki.

And the above because I can never resist pushing the envelope.

How about you? Have you made the jump to cropped trousers? Would you wear them? If so, how?