Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Boohoo Floral Tea Dress

This sweet little dress came from Boohoo. I felt I had to have it. It was an emotional attraction. I did not base my purchase on reason, not even after the dress got here and it fit me kind of poorly.

There is a poem by Wallace Stevens called "Not Ideas About The Thing, But the Thing Itself. " It is fitting to mention it here because in the above case I fell in love with the ideas about the thing and not the thing itself even after I witnessed how poorly the thing fit me and how little the thing flattered me, because I was still enough in love with the idea about the thing that I held on to the thing and determined to make the thing work for me.

(Incidentally, a lot of you may be happy to know Roofy is back. He missed Sunday's shoot only because he's union. )

Today we see many people wearing these lovely little floral dresses with a jean jacket and cowboy booties, and tough spikey jewelry, which we like very much indeed, but Roofy and I wanted to see if we might do something a little different, so we explored the closet:

We replaced the jean jacket idea with a chambray shirt (so versatile), and the cropped cowboy booties for the real thang. Some real knee-high western flavored boots, not booties, not shoe-boots and not hybrids.

(I have two pair of high boots. Black and brown. Both were bought off ebayUK and both are used/vintage. That is all I need. I'd rather my boots dictate to me the way I make my purchases and style my skirts and dresses than vice versa. Otherwise I might end up with three thousand pairs of boots and in my case probably cheap boots, but that would still be expensive, and I need that like I need a hole in the head or more things to do in a day. So my boots say a lot about me. They really define my style and I like that.

Ahem. Roofy wants to move on before he falls asleep...

These are the dusty blue Lysgaard leggings just recently purchased.

My other pair of knee high boots. I toughened up the look with black bicycle shorts and mixed some prints.

I love these earrings. They came from Ascension. I liked the stars mixed with florals.

Put on your keds and go grocery shopping.

Don't you love the new fancy sockettes that are appearing everywhere? They are so perfect with all the ballerina flats that are so popular now. What took them so long to think of them?

These are like a denim blue with lace.

These are heavier duty skinny jeans/leggings, jeggings as they are called, which is really just a euphemism for pull-on pants. You know, like we wore when we were toddlers and I actually wore til i was about 8.

I would wear this scarf however I needed it, to tie back my hair, or on my handbag handle for an accent of color.

I wore this outfit last night but I put a coral tank top over the dress because it was kind of cool outside.

I like the way the scarf and dress feel together. Very watercolor-y both.

And here is my Sixteen Candles outfit. As you probably know by now I am a fan of the 80's and these booties do it for me. I AM Molly Ringwald when I put these on and it IS my 16th birthday and BOYS have just appeared in my life.

Those are some plain grey socks with the booties. I saw no reason to ruffle it up because I wanted to add this:

A little romantic necklace to counterbalance the masculine cardigan and shoe-boots and for something subtley sparkley. I don't want to look like Lolita.

And this is the way I would expect to wear this when it gets hot, with pale colors and feminine accessories. Summer will be here in no time. As my mother would have said, "May already? The summer's OVER!" She really knew how to wind me up.

I would probably wear the belt here around my hips. To give it more of a drop waist or flapper feel. That feels more romantic to me in summer.

And last but not least my crazy outfit, because sometimes we just have to let our imaginations go.

So how about you? Did you buy a floral tea dress for spring? Do you feel pretty in it?

If so, how are you wearing yours?