Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bembrook Leather Sandals at Jack Wills

Bembrook Leather Sandals at Jack Wills

Just one thing I fell in love with over the weekend.  You can find  these cute shoes over at Jack Wills.  I am sorry I couldn't get a better picture, and I know they don't look like much just sitting there but you should see them on! They are so cute!  Witness...

Help!   The price is £59, which is just over 69 euro at today's exchange rates. 

You may have seen these sandals in earlier outfit ideas posts:

They were bought the end of last summer at Jack Wills on sale.  I love them so much, I am wearing them today with a casual striped pencil skirt, a muscle t, and a jersey vest.  Jack Wills does have great markdowns at the end of season sales, but the sizing is so picked over I  recomend if you want something there, and you can afford it, to get it while it's hot!

Jack Wills offers cute, great quality, classic collegiate style clothing and accessories and delivers to United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.