Monday, May 31, 2010

Beaded Chain Link Necklace, Blue by Sequin | Charm & Chain

Beaded Chain Link Necklace, Blue by Sequin Charm & Chain  60USD

Friends,  this is another thing I fell in love with over the weekend. Don't you just love this color? Wow. I just think it is fantastic. It is made from glass beads and you can find it in red and white also.

But the blue, oh the blue.

It comes from a store I just discovered called Charm and Chain (Love the name!) based in downtown Manhattan in the USA. You can read all about them and their founder, Alexandra "Ali" Galgano here.  Check out their beautiful website and other offerings because they have some great items. Like for instance these Parrot Earrings , which I also fell in love between falling in love with the Jack Wills Sandals/Shoes and the Blue Beaded Chain Link Necklace. 

How cute are these?  very VERY. 

And Charm and Chain will ship to any country capable of receiving mail USPS!   We thank them for that.

Have a look around Charm and Chain, and enjoy!