Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well, it seems everyone is celebrating earth day today!

CCS is offering free shipping today until 4/28/2010 on orders shipped within the US over $30.

Use code EMCCT4BF at checkout.
I really like CCS. They sell skate shoes and clothing. My experience was good, personal customer service. My first order they had to verify me and they were willing to call overseas to Cyprus at their expense from the states in order to. Only a US company would do that. Can I tell you how many companies in the UK won't? Office Shoes required a copy of my passport! I told them they were completely out of their minds! Companies become so careful protecting themselves they forget we need to protect ourselves as customers, too! Especially giving out personal information. I just won't do it.
Anyway. CCS did me proud with their service.

Cheers US readers! Enjoy!