Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Junior Fashions, Teen Clothes, Teen Fashion & more from dELiAs.com

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dELiAs is a very trendy and popular store in the US. It is designed for teens but women of every age shop there. The good news is they do ship internationally.
ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Yep, that's what their website says.
I shop there for very specific things now after a little experience with them. I like their graphic tee's and I like their cords. I wouldn't get my cords anywhere else and they always have a two for special on them; same with the tee's. Also I love their boy tank. Love it.

The sizing is junior so if you are a woman keep that in mind. I bought a blouse there once which was supposedly a 38 inch bust but it was tight.

The cardigan sweater I bought for the money I paid was very inexpensively made and won't last through more than a few washings (one I sent back). But the styling is so cute, and that's where they grab you in the cahunas, so watch yourself. I wouldn't buy a sweater there again unless I was prepared for it to be disposable.

I haven't tried their dresses or jeans so I can't say. I think chances are since the cords are nice, the jeans might be, too.

They carry Vans and Converse sneakers (they boast all 26 colors of Converse sneakers). Not a great variety of Vans, but still. They have them. And they have brand name boots: Minnetonka, Rocket Dog, Blowfish. And shoes: Sperry Topsiders, Madden Girl.

Also they tend to sell out of things majorly quickly and last time I ordered they still had one of those systems where you don't find that out until check out. Hmmm. Why do companies do that? Add that to quite a slow web site (my experience) and it adds up to some irritation.

My first order from dELiAs I did have to call the USA and verify myself but after that I have not had any problem. My shipping and billing addresses differ so that may be a factor .
International customers can order online, by phone (OO)1-614-212-5953 or by fax (00)1-614-818-2730. With the exception of Canada, all international orders are held until all items are in-stock and can be shipped complete. Upon shipment, 7-15 days for delivery. They do not offer express delivery to Canadian or international addresses. Free shipping offers are valid for the U.S. only.
Get on their mailing list because they always are having some offer or another. But don't let them fool you, some are constant and you don't need to be in any hurry, like the two-fers on cords and tees.

I don't want to rag on dELiAs because they are what they are and I for one need them and like them and I am very grateful they ship to Cyprus. You can always count on them to be trend ON and I think that what you lose in quality in some items you make up for in that aspect. That is their strength. They are going to have THIS SEASON's denims shorts, THIS SEASON'S winter coat, THIS SEASON'S boot or sandal. On that you can rely. Just will they have it in stock???