Sunday, May 15, 2011

straw wedge sandals


Juicy Couture straw wedge sandals £135.00 (about $223) ASOS


Juicy Couture two tone straw wedge sandals $150 Saks Fifth Avenue

Quite a price difference. 

I’d wear them with something like this handmade halter dress on etsy – (also check out her website elyse oRiGiNaLs – the signature dresses are fabulous and they will totally get you in the mood for summer). 


Or maybe a vintage or vintage inspired dress -


Vintage 70’s diagonal striped sundress $49 Etsy

Vintage 70’s striped sundress $42 Etsy

Eco friendly sundress $20 Etsy (SOLD)

Some other ideas -


Vintage 70’s floral wrap skirt Etsy

Navy metallic cross t $54 Etsy

70’s Vintage new old stock jeans EUR 13.99 Artfire


                                                  Casual blue workdress $52 Etsy

If I had the cash-ola right nowsa these would be my heeled summer sandal. 

But I am happy to wait for the knock offs – I think they will be everywhere soon.