Friday, April 1, 2011

something skirtastic at gojane

Wow, I haven’t been over to my old friend Go Jane’s in a while, and something must have happened while I was gone because the skirts have gone crazy – in a good way -

Here are my 5 faves -


Striped maxi skirt $31.10


Hankie hem chiffon skirt $22.50


Paneled asymmetrical skirt $20.70


Solid color hi-lo skirt $22.50


Striped Maxi Skirt $17.90

Personally, I’d wear all but the last with a plain black tank – the last I’d wear with a navy or baby blue tank, the whole point in summer being to stay unfussy and cool.

Do yourself a favor and don’t even go over to the shoes…like gummy bears they are.