Tuesday, March 1, 2011

introducing cult beauty



by rahua


I love it when an online store like Cult Beauty writes me and lets me know they exist – and particularly when they ship internationally – quelle important information to those of us who live in back of the beyond.

Seriously – if you are in the states - you have no idea how hard it is to get things here in the middle ages of the sea – and when you can get them – to have them available consistently.  I can get the full array of Phyto hair products from the states consistently – but I have to pay VAT on my purchase and guy-normous shipping costs, drive an hour to the central P.O. for our district, and then watch the postman  rifle through my things when he gets back from his 13th coffee break.  Or I can order a pint sized array of them online from Europe only to have a pop up ask me if I would like to be informed when the item is back in stock.


Rolling on the floor laughing Ding!


Not fun.


So if you are suffering on this side of the pond with me, go check out Cult Beauty.  And if you are in the good ole US of A, you should check ‘em out, too, because you might find that we have some stuff this side that you can’t get over yonder. 


Nyah-Nyah Nah!