Thursday, March 17, 2011

inspired by hand painted peacock feather shoes


                                                                                        photo devin greenman

Punky Peacock Shoes $115 assassinapparel Etsy

Someone recently mentioned they liked the painted shoe post (thank you) and I admit this particular pair are so fab – the colors, the shape - they have stayed on my mind so I tried to imagine how I’d wear them -


I’d mix up the ladylike elements with the wild elements – I think a biker style studded belt would look nice, too,  but I like the idea of going toward a cowgirl belt because it is so unexpected right now – I mean who is doing cowgirl?  No one – square-dance, prairie, yes – but cowgirl – I mean Google cowgirl trends and you will find nothing, I assure you - we are due for a wild west pendulum swing ladies – mount your horses…

You can take the wild element in whichever direction you choose – fishnet hose – biker jacket – fringed bag – OTT earrings - just remember to pay homage to the vintage and ladylike style of the shoe, too, in other parts of the outfit for some cohesiveness.

This is where you can find the above -

Poplin full skirt $79.50 Talbots

Solid wrinkle-resistant shirt $72.50 Talbots

Vintage suede handbag $18 Etsy

Rhinestone dark leather belt $45 Sheplers (the international cowgirl’s source)

and once again, the thought provoking, the inspirational -

Painted peacock feather shoes $115 Etsy

How about you?  Can you imagine how you would wear them?  Would you keep it simple – would you go go hog wild?  How would you express your personality with them without letting them take over?