Saturday, September 18, 2010

what I wanted / what I bought


Minnetonka Cross Body Fringe Bag   USD 49.99  Infinity Shoes


Minnetonka Hobo Fringe Bag   USD 74.99 USD 59.99 Infinity Shoes


Even though I like the first bag more in look - it is very small and impractical for the use I have in mind. Since I plan to use it for everyday I picked the larger hobo style.

The sale price of the hobo turned out to be a plus.

I plan – God willing - to have this fringed bag for a long time so I picked a pretty classic make of it  -

Sometimes decisions like this are very hard and we all have made costly misjudgments so it pays to really think it through. 

I also considered this bag - but because it was not real leather (read the description carefully) and because a fringe bag already has great potential for the tacky factor -  I paid a little more for a definitive classic leather version from a reputable brand.   

Hopefully it will become part of my wardrobe for life and it will become more beautiful as it ages. 

I will just have to keep the kitten away from it. : |