Monday, September 13, 2010

what i wanted / what i bought

what I wanted -


Camel Hair Jacket at Orvis   USD 275.00 

what I bought -

llbean camel blzer

Pre-owned on eBay USD 24.95

Even if I could afford the blazer from Orvis – I would hesitate to buy it because of my lifestyle – the chances of me ruining it in the context in which I want to wear it – with jeans – grocery shopping – travelling – very casually - are too great.  That is something to consider before spending a lot of money on an item – where will it be worn?  With the pre-owned blazer I can still experiment with the camel trend – not my greatest color – and I can do so without breaking the family bank - and without worrying about staining it after only a few wears - which I tend to do  - especially with lighter colors

: – | 

The Pre-owned blazer will be a little large on me – but I am OK with that because not only I will I be layering it profusely– but that will also give it a more comfortable casual weekend vibe – like a boyfriend blazer. 

Finally – if it turns out to be a TKO upon arrival – then I will consider having it altered and fitted and saving it for nicer occasions. 

so – 4 great reasons not to spend a lot on an item -

1.  It’s not your greatest color or shape

2.  It’s a trend you want to experiment with

3.  You will probably ruin it before the season is over

4.   It is a light color

Saying you are not going to wear the item that often is not always a trustworthy measure - because if it is a great pair of wide legged evening slacks or a fabulous classic black evening bag the chances are you will have it for 10 years at least - if not your whole life.  Just be sure if you do spend a lot to buy a very classic version of whatever it is.

The chances of a camel blazer lasting for life are slim.  A navy,  black, or plaid one maybe -