Thursday, September 9, 2010

thursday etsy find – 3 piece suits

A very fitted 3 piece suit really appeals right now - even a 4 piece – jacket - vest pants - skirt - in polyester and vintage would be a bonus-  it doesn’t seem like many survived – the pieces probably got split up from each other over the years-


Here are the very few 3 piece suits found in the search – other than the ones shown here -

il_430xN_168431887.jpg 2

Vintage 3 Piece Bobby Brooks Plaid Suit   USD 75.00   Ramblin’ Vintage   Etsy


70’s 3 Piece Plaid Suit   USD 46.00   recollectionsclothing   Etsy


Vintage 3 Piece Plaid Suit   USD 20.00   msmoxievintage   Etsy

ships to US only


Vintage 3 Piece Turquoise Suit   USD 62.00   MillsDesignCo   Etsy


3 Piece Turquoise Suit with Bell Bottoms   USD 19.99   anything70s   Etsy

wow – pale turquoise really was the color du jour back then, no?

 Pale_Turquoise =



Check out Farah’s cream rendition with wide collar plaid shirt on the right – wow – and Kate’s slim vest is nice, too –



the wide collar high contrasting shirt is what really makes this late 70’s early 80’s gangster look sing –


saturday-night-fever_john-travolta_white-suit-outside-club-bmp =

Joseph Cali and John Travolta Saturday Night Fever 1977

lgsb0087 tony-montana-smoking-a-cigar-al-pacino-scarface-art-print 


Al Pacino and Michele Pfeiffer in Scarface 1983

 In a special 30th anniversary celebration, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ “Monday Nights with Oscar®” (MNWO) will present a screening of “Saturday Night Fever” on Monday, August 13, at 7:30 p.m. at the Academy Theater in New York City.  The program will feature a post-screening onstage discussion with actresses Karen Lynn Gorney and Donna Pescow, costume designer Patrizia Von Brandenstein and casting director Shirley Rich. Pictured here: a sequence of five images of John Travolta dancing in a discotheque in a scene from the film.

Courtesy of the Margaret Herrick Library.


and it makes me feel like dancing -