Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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I was sent an article yesterday from a rather expensive glossy gossip magazine from the states that imagines itself to write provocative – yes – for hardly the right reasons -  think pieces - no – unless it is celebrities you want to think about – regarding some present financial hardships in the world.  But that is not what interests us here about the article and it is far too political a subject for a blog about outfits and stores that deliver Internationally.

Someone I admire very much once asked rhetorically and publicly  - “What is more personal than your political beliefs?”  And I would venture to raise my hand now after more life experience and answer, “Why our shopping habits, the outfitting of our person, and our wardrobe.”  Although I guess it could be argued that all those things evolve from our political beliefs and I would hand you that. 

No, what interested me about the article and what concerns us in the realm of making outfits and shopping is something a wise monk interviewed in the article said – when asked a question about his success in a particular endeavor he pointed to a plaque on his wall that read -

the smart person accepts. the idiot insists.

How does this apply to us?

The smart person accepts what is in his closet and slowly builds upon it.  The idiot goes and immediately buys everything new he sees and likes and gets himself into debt and still can’t figure out what to wear.

It is best to build upon pieces you already have on hand, slowly adding to them, rather than trying to create an entirely new story with all new pieces, starting from scratch.  Life is an ongoing story.  Even if one starts a new chapter the wise person realizes he is still building upon the past - It’s the old bloom where you are planted philosophy -  use what you have got – make the best of the opportunities life hands you – and finally be that which you truly are (thank you, Søren).

No, don’t waste your time trying to be what you are not  - build up what you are.

For building a wardrobe and making outfits, as elsewhere in life - this is good advice.