Tuesday, September 14, 2010

saturday afternoon outfit – pre-owned la redoute unité dress

occasional outfits unite eddie b 001

-worn shopping and running errands with my husband -

This  La Redoute Unité tee shirt dress was first fallen in love with  in the La Redoute catalog back when I still lived in the US and La Redoute still delivered to the US.  It was 2003-4…the same year La Redoute offered several pieces from this Cacharel collection  which I adored -


photo credit  VogueUK   Cacharel Autumn/Winter 2003-4

I bought 2 pieces from the Cacharel collection - a skirt and a scarf - the skirt was worn to shreds and the scarf alone remains – 

cacharel and unite 024

and I bought a skirt - 3 tank tops - and a long sleeve split neck tee from the  Unité Collection – but I had to bypass other loved pieces of this line - the tops I still have – the skirt once again was worn until shreds -

 cacharel and unite 016

my entire Unite La Redoute Collection – looking a little loved –

Years later I got a second chance on eBay UK when I came in contact with the dress by accident – so for a couple of GBP’s I bought it and I love it because it fits like a glove - the color is great on me - and I adore the print -

Saturday it was worn with boyfriend jeans to make it even more casual and to update it - the bare sandals were chosen to contrast with all the fabric - the shopper - obviously to shop - and the sunglasses because last Saturday it was still summer here in the Mediterranean :)  The dress is slim fitting so it made for a cute silhouette with baggy jeans coming out the bottom. 

But two lessons were learned here -

1.  things always come back around - always - don’t panic because you missed your first chance with an item - don’t think like a desperate shopper - it’s as unhelpful as thinking like a desperate woman -

2.  an item like this – so loved and with personal history  –  helps to form the backbone of a truly individual and meaningful wardrobe – a wardrobe with heart – not a wardrobe that you thin out every season trying to whittle it down to its bare bones – but a wardrobe that is fleshed out – healthy – joyous – jubilant - expressive - comforting – warm – you


choose items in this manner and your wardrobe will become Real like the velveteen rabbit


"When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but really loves you, then you become Real." from Margery Williams' The Velveteen Rabbit


Make the clothes in your closet real.  Aim for a Real wardrobe.