Wednesday, September 29, 2010

introducing avalaya fashion and costume jewelry shop

This place has some great jewelry –these cuffs really appeal -

this one is only £ 9.00 -

Product Image

Antique White Floral Shell & Pearl Cuff Bracelet (Silver Tone)


and here is an irresistible one with a bow -

Product Image

Black And Red Plastic Bow Cuff Bangle   £ 15.75


and speaking of red bows what a  cute ring for the holidays -

Product Image

Fancy Red Crystal Bow Ring   £ 8.95


I already know who is getting this for a Christmas gift -

Product Image

''Sold'' Sign - Estate Agent Fashion Brooch (Gun Metal Finish)   £ 9.00


And if you like brooches and you like your boots fancy -

Product Image

Dark Blue Stiletto High Boot Pin Brooch   £ 9.95


for Chanel fans -

Product Image

Stylish Crystal Bag Brooch (Deep Pink)   £ 9.75


more handbags – help me – this one has a pearl clasp -

Product Image

 Lady's Bag With Flowers Brooch (Gold Tone)    £ 7.50


Product Image

Black Crystal Rocking Horse Pendant   £ 12.05


I haven’t been this tempted by costume jewelry in a long time – the great prices don’t hurt. 

Avalaya located in the UK delivers worldwide.  Delivery within the UK is free.  You can find the International Delivery info here.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of their pages to see all their offerings.