Monday, August 9, 2010

sunday morning outfit

outscapes 005

This skirt is a little big now, too, so I swapped the tie belt it came with for this heavier leather one and cinched the waist like a paper sack Sal-style to hold it up.  The black belt also continued the menswear vibe of the grey jersey vest which I layered over a plain white boy tank - it was a nice contrast to the feminine skirt.  So it served two purposes. 

The whole silhouette came off sort of mid 80’s tent-like which made me feel very  madonnaesque.   If I hadn’t been SO HOT I might have added black bicycle shorts.  I think that would have been really cute.  Especially since I did bicycle to church. 

The red gladiators simply appealed to my eye.  I don’t carry much on Sunday morning so the white bag was perfect.  It also brought a true vintage element into the retro themed outfit.  My husband really liked this ensemble which surprised me.