Monday, August 16, 2010

sunday afternoon outfit

outfitsanonoccas 003.JPG 2

It was a holiday weekend here so yesterday for a treat hubby and I bicycled to a fish tavern near the sea and had fish mezze.  It was about as hot as it gets so I dressed for the heat and for bike riding and for a date with my husband. 

It was a colorful outfit.  The tank top is bright purple and the flip flops are brown.  The fanny pack is a wonderful electric green color and was perfect for the little I had to carry.  The hat shielded me from the sun and is a faded floral print with a comfortable Shabby Chic feel.

The cotton eyelet skirt is pre-owned from Gap -  I wanted to wear a skirt for a date with my husband - and because it is pre-owned it is not so precious I have to worry about ruining it.  It is white and unlined with a drawstring waist and it was a cooler choice than shorts in the heat.  By the time the outfit got photographed a good bit of gardening had been done in it. : |