Tuesday, August 24, 2010

plaid shirts this fall

I was wondering what was going to become of last fall and winter’s plaid shirts and such - if they were going to be able to cross the great divide into this fall and winter -

outfitsanon 055.JPG 2

*great divide
1. A large or major watershed of a landmass.
2. A major point of division, especially death.

irissinger_2120_988034124.jpg 2

and then this appeared in my inbox and I thought, Right on! Crop ‘em!   What a great idea.  It's taking us in a totally different direction -

This isn't your boyfriend's plaid shirt.  It isn't Kurt Cobain's plaid shirt either - thank goodness, because it looks here like it could use a little wash -

And it is no longer that odd incarnation of Kate Moss and Marcia Brady who I believe was the recreation of a Jennifer Aniston the female animal had thrown out of favor a few years earlier and then realized they missed -

(She doesn’t look too happy about being erased and then divided into 2 and I don’t blame her.)

No.  This plaid shirt belongs to the waitress down at The Crabhouse -

These cropped plaid shirts are by Rails and are available at Singer.comSinger.com International Delivery Info is here.

*Definition from TheFreeDictionary.com